Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random thoughts for today

My niece tells me I'm the queen of random. Whatever that means. But I do find I stumble upon really weird, random things quite often. The ones I find amusing I will share here on my blog.

For example:

I just walked out of my department at work into the foyer, where I saw a guy from the landscaping crew watering the plants. You may think this is not strange, and I agree; plants need to be watered. But the weird thing was he was watering the plants with a gas can!!! Yes, a gas can. I must of had a shocked look on my face as I walked by because he said "There's water in there, I swear!!" I quickly rearranged the look on my face and said, "Hey, you would know better than me what a plant needs to grow", and continued on my way.

I think this is the same guy who, last fall, was using a leaf blower to clean up the leaves in the parking lot. This also is not an unusual task in itself, but he was actually standing below a tree aiming the leaf blower so that it blew the leafs off of the branches. Appartantly he was in a race with Mother Nature and really wanted to win. My co-workers and I were taking bets to see if he was going to climb the tree and start plucking the leafs off.

And while I'm on the topic of random things, I am a huge fan of word definitions, especially obsolete or "out of style" words. I have a Word Of The Day desk calendar on my desk at work and every once in a while an interesting word presents itself.

For example:

September 1, 2009 - nomenclator - a noun meaning;

  1. a book containing collections or lists of words

  2. one who gives names to or invents names for things

I found this word fascinating for a few reasons. One, I have a book obsession, so anything book related is of interest to me. Secondly, the same niece who dubed me the queen of random also accuses me of making up words and inventing names for things. I wonder if I can use nomenclator on a resume? Hmmmm......


  1. Hey there it looks like you have a few more random followers :) Yeah!

  2. Nomenclator... I like it. I like the song Nomenclature by Andrew Bird, too... Great post.

  3. I'm sure you can use it on a resume as long as you're prepared to explain it to potential employers in an interview. LOL!

  4. SOunds like the groundsman at your work would make a good character in a novel... maybe the next one you write, eh!

    Nomenclator is a great word. Not quite as good a "expunge", but up there...

  5. Nomenclator is better!
    Maybe I shall write of the wacky groundskeeper... the next action shall be pouring ice onto the snow!!!! Mwah ha ha ha
    -the Niece of randomness