Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bye, Bye February!

I'm a little late posting my recap of February. But since this is my blog, it's ok :)

Let's start of with "I Never...And Now I Have!" for February. Let's see....

  • Week 1 - I went on my first blind date ever....and it was horrible! I will spare you the details mainly because I don't want to relive them. I will probably never go on another blind date again.

  • Week 2 - I drove a Toyota Prius Hybrid (and the gas pedal did not stick!). My beloved Jetta broke down....again. Luckily the problem was fixed by Volkswagen for free, but the part was out of stock and I had to be without my car for 5 days! My awesome Landlady let me borrow her Prius for a few of those days. It's a little different driving a hybrid. It took me a little while to get used to the fact that you pushed a button to start the car and pushed another button to park the car. And it's really, really quiet. Too quiet, but fun to drive once I got over the learning curve.

  • Week 3 - I went to a Karaoke Bar. I actually didn't sing. That would have taken way more alcohol than I was comfortable to consume. The average age of people in the crowd was 60. Let's just say it wasn't the funnest time I've ever had.

  • Week 4 - I finally saw Avatar in 3D. I liked it, but i'm not going to post a review because it's been out in the theatre for so long and I don't have anything unique to add to the millions of other reviews floating around in the blogosphere.

I'm hoping to try more fun and adventurous things I've never done before in March. I've been so busy with work that I haven't had a lot of spare time.

I finally finished the Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson. Great series! I plan on posting a review of all three books in the near future. I also checked out two of this other books, Elantris and Warbreaker from the library. I enjoyed Sanderson's writing style, so I have high expectations for his other books.

Speaking of book reviews, I have a bunch piling up that I need to post.

I'm loving the awesome spring-like weather we've been having in the Seattle area. I'm also excited that there's finally day light when I get home from work, so I can ride my bike on the trails near my house again. I ride the bikes at the gym, but it's just not the same as riding outdoors. I still plan on continuing my weight training at the gym, but most of my cardio will be done on my bike.

That's pretty much it for me. I'll try to make my March recap post more exciting.