Saturday, June 12, 2010

Learning How to Find Geocaches

Earlier this week, I shared that I started a new hobby called Geocaching ( I mentioned that a friend and I went out last Saturday to find our first cache. We didn’t find it, but I was hooked on the search.

On Monday, I used my Geocaching iPhone App and discovered that there are a few near my work. So, after work I went in search of one a block away on a walking trail. I found it very quickly!! Here’s the pics of that find:

036 Do you see it? I didn’t at first. But after I moved the bush aside, I found…


My first Geocache!!!

Inside was a log book to sign, and a bunch of other stuff. I didn’t get a good look at everything inside because there were muggles (geospeak for non-geocachers) walking on the trail. I had enough time to sign the log book and and rehide the cache without being seen by others.

Since then, I have found 6 more!

I found this one next to the library, hiding behind a park bench. It only held a tiny log book, a quarter and a ring. I signed the log book and didn’t take or leave anything.

040 038

I found this one in a rock wall. It was an Altoids can! Again, I just signed the log book.

041 042

This one was a little tricky, because it’s right in front of a walk-in clinic at a bus stop on a very busy road. I went during my lunch hour, but there were so many people around, I left and came back later in the evening. It was hidden under the ledge.

044 045

I almost overlooked this geocache. It was hidden in a rock formation in the corner of a gravel parking lot. At first I didn’t see the black film canister.

050 046

Today, a friend and I went back to find the first geocache we tried to find. The trail was still muddy, but I wore better shoes. In one spot my foot sank above my ankle. A lot of the trail was overgrown. I have lots of little sticker bush cuts on my legs. But we were determined to find it. At last, we finally located it!!!

004Do you see it? My friend didn’t at first, but there was something that caught my eye…


YES!! Victory at last!!!

There was one other I found, but it was in a very public place. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by taking pictures of it, so I just signed the log book very quickly and returned it to its spot.

I’ve tried to find a handful more, but wasn’t able to locate them because of muggles, time constraints (I’ve been going on my lunch breaks) or I just can’t find the darn thing. When I have more time, I’m going to go back and try to find the caches.


  1. Sweet, you found some. Was that last one actually hidden beneath a layer of bark? Wow.

  2. The last one was hidden under an old mossy step going up a steep hill. Luckily this cache gave a hint, or we probably never would have found it. The picture doesn't show my view, but the cache was hidden under the upper step. My friend didn't see it and was ready to walk on, but I saw something grey that looked funny. I lifted up on the end of the step and there it was.

  3. That's way fun. One of these days/months/years I hope to get into geocaching. It looks like great fun.

    The closest I came was years ago when Microsoft was doing a promotion for the movie "A.I." and they had you "geoplotting" (?) your way to pay phones around the country which rang at certain times to give clues. It was pretty cool...very time sensitive though.