Monday, April 5, 2010

March is Done!!!

Wow! I totally failed blogging in the month of March. It was a very crazy month for me. Lots of changes…

Like my 29th birthday. It came and went with very little fanfare. Even my own mother forgot! At least my facebook friends love me :)

The day after my birthday I won tickets from a local radio station to see Temper Trap at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. It was a great show. Here are a few pictures I took:

011 Waiting in line outside before the show











Speaking of winning concert tickets, last week I won tickets to see Angels and Airwaves. The concert is this Wednesday night and I’m looking forward to that show as well. Who doesn’t love a free concert?

The last weekend in March I packed up all my belongings and moved to another town closer to work. Moving is always crazy, but I’m pretty much settled now. I like my shorter commute (4 miles compared to 20 miles), cheaper rent and I really like being in the city where everything you need is close by.

My books reviews are stacking up! This is a book review blog, after all! My goal for April is to post a book review every Monday and Thursday. Now lets see if I can meet that goal.


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  2. Happy (late) Birthday, Crystal! The pictures look great and FREE concerts are the best! lol

    Good luck with your goal! YOU CAN DO IT! lol I look forward to the reviews. :D

  3. Awesome getting a closer commute AND cheaper rent. Winning two sets of tickets is pretty sweet, too. Good luck with the reviewing goals.

  4. @Krista - Thanks for the birthday wishes! Indeed, free concerts are the best.

    @Logan - Thanks! So far, so good...I posted a book review tonite (thursday)

  5. Enjoy life, take care, don't worry about the blog..... and most of all happy late birthday!