Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year of Blogging!!!

I hope these first few days of 2010 are treating you well. I’ve made a few New Year’s Resolutions for my blog. After being called out on Rememorandom for not posting enough, I started to think about what I want my blog to look like. Here are my blog resolutions (in no particular order):

  • I will update my blog more often.
  • I’m considering having “guest bloggers”. A few authors and other bloggers have offered to post on my blog.
  • I’m going to review other books besides fiction. I’ve had a lot of requests lately to review non-fiction books. Though my genre of choice is still YA/Paranormal Romance, I want to enlighten myself and the readers of my blog with an array of literature.
  • I want to post more random stuff and different point of views and perspectives. This is, after all, The Crystal Perspective.

Now, of course, like most New Year’s Resolutions, these could be broken at any time.

In other news, I was playing around my Goodreads account and noticed I read over 170 books in 2009! And I started keeping track in February, so the number could be higher. I really should get out more often! I didn’t realize I read that much. I’m not sure if I’ll read that many books in 2010 because I’m going to be so busy updating my blog. My To-Read list currently has 265 books. I’m sure I will add to the list more than I will remove from the list.


  1. 170 books in one year! Holy mackerel! That's incredible!

    If you want a guest blogger who specializes in fart jokes, let me know... I'll be happy to help...

  2. Yes, I do believe I did call you out, so to speak...:)

    Regardless, good luck on your resolutions. And congrats on 170 books. That's crazy.

  3. thanks so much for your sweet comment! love your
    "addiction" to books! how wonderful!
    good luck on your 2010 goals!!

  4. Hey aunt Crystal! Just warning you when my book gets published you are gonna review it WITH harsh criticism! lol

    -The Random Niece